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How can we help you retrieving information from the Land Registry in Spain

Getting the information

You own a property in Spain and you want to sell it, donate it, cancel the mortgage or any other transaction involving the property. Or you want to invest in real estate in Spain and you want to verify that everything is right with the target property. If you have visited the official Land Registry website you may have noticed it's no easy task to retrieve the information if you don't speak Spanish. Not comparable to the HM Land Registry which is a very convenient website with a simple interface.

As part of large information services company, we have realized many of our English speaking clients struggle to obtain information from the Spanish Land Registry, and even more if we are talking about translating it.

This service is built to save you time. Simply tell us the data you have available about the property and we'll do the heavy lifting.

How we deliver

We are a team of information professionals specialized in retrieving documents from official sources. In this case we deliver officially translated documents, meaning the translators are approved by the Land Registry. Our service saves time and hassle to our customers who are just looking to obtain a document.

We are the division of an information services company serving more than 18,000 customers in 140 countries so you can be sure your request will be handled professionally.

Our values

Simplicity as it should be. Inspired by the UK Land Registry, obtaining legal details on a property should be as easy as entering the property details, paying the fee and download the results. We apply these concepts to the Spanish complicated bureaucrecy.

Speed to process requests on the same day. Translations can take some time because they have to pay attention to detail, in this area we choose quality over quantity.

Customer Support to answer questions regarding Land Registry searches. Although we are not a legal firm, we can give insightful information about the concepts shown in the documents. And we can help you locate the property in each local Land Registry office, which is not an easy task sometimes.